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Description: A Rise of the Triad Port for the XBox created by Lantus. We am fairly certain this is a real port of Rise of the Triad for the Xbox, though unfortunately we do not have a modded Xbox to test this program out. On top of that, the original package of this program included the retail ROTT files in it, which we have removed to allow for proper distribution. These files have not been tested properly, so use at your own risk (and if you do test this and manage to get it to work, please contact us and tell me how it went). We believe it will run both Dark War and the Hunt Begins.

Versions before v1.2 will no have music. This was not fixed until v1.2. Some users have also experienced problems getting to run right and encountering a black screen and static, while others have gotten to run just fine. Has not been updated since 2003.


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