Miscellaneous Files

December 20th, 2010

This page is dedicated to miscellaneous files that did not fit in with the other sections.


A program created by Mark Jaskolski that allows you to convert Wolfenstein 3D/ Spear of Destiny maps into Rise of the Triads RTL files. (Windows Application)


An additional program by Mark Jaskolski that allows you to convert the graphics from Wolfenstein 3D/ Spear of Destiny levels to Rise of the Triad. Use this along with Wolf2Rott to create a more
identical experience to Wolfenstein all in Rise of the Triad. (Windows Application)

Rise of the Triad Level Compressor:

A tool that does just as its name says. It compresses Rise of the Triad user levels, cutting down on there file size. This was created by Martin H. Smith because he was running low on disc space back
in the day, and wanted to compress the files he had. While Rise of the Triad File size isn’t really an issue in this age, its still nice to keep this file around and handy.
(Windows Application)

Improved ROTTed Icons:

A pack of replacement icons for use in the ROTT editor ROTTed. It replaces the old icons in the program with new ones that look much more like how they would look in game than the older ones that
where included with the program. Created by DragonsLover.

Digital ROTT Manual:

PDF Digital version of the Rise of the Triad Manual included with the game. Created by Joe Siegler.

Music Wads:

This is the list of music wads for Rise of the Triad. Just click on the name to download.
Wad Name Author Year
The Beatles Collection Jeff Peirson 1996
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