ROTT Mapper Deluxe

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Application: Windows 16bit (May not function properly or at all on 64bit systems)

Description: One of the more popular Rise of the Triad Editors. This editor was created by Cody Ellsworth, and was originally a shareware editor, requiring that you pay before you could unlock the full version. The only limitations of the Shareware version was you where not allowed to make more than three levels per file.

Though in 2010 a ROTT mapper would manage to contact with the creator via Facebook, and the following information was revealed:

” I appreciate you contacting me. It’s good to hear from a fellow ROTT fan! Unfortunately, since I no longer have the source code for RMD, I can no longer offer support for it. Because of that, I couldn’t possibly accept any money for it. However, I am perfectly fine with you using whatever key works for you. In fact, entering “RMD30BMAC” followed by any eight random numbers of your choosing should register the 3.0 version. Nothing fancy. I honestly don’t recall which version was the last, so hopefully that still works. If not, perhaps I could talk you into sending me your copy and I might be able to recall it from memory after a few dozen attempts. Smile

Anyway, again, it’s good talking to you and I’m glad RMD is still of use!”

This means that the editor has no become Freeware, though because of the loss of the source code, he can no longer release a version of this program, meaning the pin code is still required.

Here is a pin code for the program: RMD30BCAM00000221

In the event that does not work, another ROTT fan has created an installer for this program that hacks the registry and inputs the code, allowing you to just run the program right off without needing to input the code.


  • Flood fill
  • Draw lines, squares, and ovals.
  • Ability to “auto-increment” heights to allow easier creation of stairs
  • Tool to check for errors in your map
  • Can cut/copy/paste whole sections of a map
  • Automatically creates backups of your maps in the event of a crash


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