Editing Tools

December 26th, 2010

Map Editors


DOS based level editor. (DOS Application)


A popular and easy to use Windows Rise of the Triad editor created by Wayne Sikes. (Windows Application)

ROTT Mapper Deluxe:

A very popular editor. At one time the creator, Cody Ellsworth, dropped off the net and users where unable to obtain the full legal registered version. Though after some years of searching a
user has managed to contact the creator via Facebook. After some discussion, Cody said he could no longer in good will accept money for this program as he had lost the source code to
the program. So he has stated he no longer cares what is done with this program.

Because of that a user by the name of Dopefish had created an installer that will install the full registered version of the program on your computer. The other versions here are the shareware
versions which need the pincode to remove the 3 map limit and are stored here for historic and archival purposes, and the “Dopefish” version is the full registered version.
(Windows Application)


A new and up to date Rise of the Triad windows editor that comes with a 3D visual mode so you can view your maps as you create it, something that the other older editors do not have. Does not have
any documentation included, so you must learn as you go. (Windows Application)

ROTTen Editor:

Another DOS editor created by Rutger van Eerd. The source code is included with the editor. (DOS application)


This is the official editor used by Apogee to make the levels in Rise of the Triad, as well as many other classic Apogee games. (DOS application)

Wad Editors

Wad Utilities:

A rise of the Triad WAD file editor created by Derek Greentree. Its a fairly old program, but its pretty much the only tool in town if you wish to make any changes to the wad file.
(DOS application)

eXtendable Wad Editor:
This is primarily a doom editing program, and mostly used for wad editing, but its creator Csabo added editing support to quite a few of games (Which are listed
here at the main site). One of these games was Rise of the Triad. Sadly, I do not believe it was ever fully developed, and as far as I know it can
only look at and extract files from ROTT’s wad file and is unable to import anything. Still a ROTT related editor and may be of use to someone. (Windows application)
Game File Explorer:
Another Program similar to XWE as it allows for the editing of many different game files. One of them was Rise of the Triad, and it allows for the viewing, extracting, and modification of
ROTTS Wad File. (Windows application)
A Rise of the Triad Wad Editing tool developed by Birger N. Andreasen, the developer of the WinRott Source Port (Windows application)

Sound Editors


A tool that allows you to make custom sound files for Comm-Bat. (DOS application)

RTS Sampler:
A tool that allows you to listen to and create RTS files for both Rise of the Triad and Duke Nukem 3D (Windows application)
RTS Maker/Editor:
Another RTS editor for windows that allows for the modification of the RTS file used by the games Blood, Shadow Warrior, Rise of the Triad and Duke Nukem 3D (Windows application)
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