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Bullet Weapons:
All of the bullet weapons have infinite ammo.


The pistol is your basic weapon, it’s pretty useless once you get another pistol or an MP40.

Dual Pistols

An extra pistol means twice the fun, they can take guys down fairly well, but you’ll forget them when you get the MP40.


The MP40 is a  submachine gun from WW2. It can take down crowds and is the mainstay of the bullet weapons.

Projectile Weapons:


The bazooka fires a missle straight ahead, and explodes; simple but effective.

Ammo: 10 Missiles.


The heatseeker fires a homing missile, it hones on enemies, fire-y decorations and flame traps. The turning speed of the missiles isn’t great, so this is more of a medium/long range weapon.

Ammo: 7 Missiles.

Drunk Missile

The drunk missle launcher fires 5 missiles that go in an array of different directions, that home with the same rules as the heatseeker. Truly a fun weapon.

Ammo: 7 (clusters of 5) Missiles.

Split Missle

The Split missile fires two rockets which home with the same rules as the heat seeker. You hold down the fire button, when released the rocket splits in half; firing at different angles.

Ammo: 7 (clusters of 2) Missiles.


The Firebomb Launcher fires a projectile which explodes in a ‘+’ pattern with an earthquake. Devastating. You can use it with asbestos armor to rocket jump…

Ammo: 5 Firebombs.


The Flamewall is one of the most powerful weapons. It fires a missle in an arc toward the ground, which if it hits the ground will spring up a wall of flame, which will turn any human into a burned skeleton if they should happen to be in the way. Robots are immune to the flamewall and it will destroy an asbestos vest if you are wearing one.

Ammo: 5 Flamewalls.

The Dark Staff

The dark staff fires a ball of energy which rips through enemies, turning them into a fine bloody mist. It takes about 3 seconds to charge before it fires, so you have to time it well. It will shoot through doors or windows if you’re right next to them.

Ammo: 7 Kinetic energy spheres.


The excalibat is a versatile weapon, tap it for a melee swing which hits enemies up into the air, or hold it down untill you hear the thunder for a magical swing which summons a 180 degree wall of exploding baseballs. You can reflect enemies projectiles with the melee attack, you have to time this well though.

Ammo: 10 Swings, infinite melee.

Hand of God

You gain the hand of god through God Mode, you fire blue energy balls which seek out enemies and erase them from existence. You also make freaky god sounds.

Ammo: Infinity.

Dog Mode

In Dog Mode you can tap the fire button to chew on your enemies at short range, or hold down the firing button for the ‘barkblast’; it explodes everything around you for a short distance. Woof.

Ammo: Infinity.

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