The ROTT world

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The world in Rise of the Triad, has some interesting things:


The trampolines come in four flavours: normal, time based, fake, use once. Use the trampolines to reach high places and grab items.


Touchplates are floor switches that look like transparent discs, some are very visible, some are almost invisible. Simply walk over to activate


GADS or “Gravitational Anomaly Disks” are flying platforms that: move up and down (EGADS), in trains (TGADS) or are stationary.


There are pillars everywhere, some of them can be pushed to reveal secrets.


Pushwalls are walls that can be moved to find secret areas, they are usually darker on the easy setting.


Wanderwalls are walls that move by themselves, dodge them or be squished.


Barrels and TNT boxes will explode if shot. Grey barrels contain items.


ROTT contains many traps, including spinning blades, rising spikes, fire jets, crushers, rolling boulders, fireball launchers, lava pits, covered holes, and gas rooms. The game sure keeps you on your toes!

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