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Bulletproof Armor

The bulletproof armor protects you from any bullet attacks.

Asbestos Armor

Asbestos armor protects you from missile attacks, fire pits, fire walls, and flame jet traps. Use it in combination with the firebomb for massive rocket jumps


Protects you from inhaling gas.



Godmode gives you invincibility and the hand of god weapon. ¬†While in godmode you will become much taller and make ‘god sounds’. Also you flash in multiplayer games.


Dogmode gives you invincibility and the dogmode weapon. You are transformed into a dog, and can navigate under certain walls. You appear tiny with a dog’s head in multiplayer games.

Mercury Mode

Mercury mode gives you the power of flight. Press look up/down to fly.

Shrooms Mode Powerdown

Shrooms mode sends you on a bad trip. Items and enemies flash and your screen moves up and down.

Elasto Mode Powerdown

Elasto Mode makes friction almost non existant for you, have fun bouncing around.


Gives you an Extra Life


Gives you 3 Extra Lives, usually found in secret areas.


Monk Meal

Gives you 10 HP, tasty.

Priest Porridge

Gives you 20 HP, if you shoot it with a missile it will heat up giving you 50 HP.

Small Monk Crystal

Gives you 10 HP. How do they work? No-one knows.

Large Monk Crystal

Gives you 50 HP.

Healing Basin

Restores all your health, you can’t use it while you have 100% health, so sometimes it is used as an obstacle.

Other Items

Life Items

There are 4 different life items offering 1, 5, 10 and 25 life points respectively. When you reach 100 points you get an extra life.

Knife Statue

Certain statues contain knives, these get you out of the overpatrol’s nets quickly.

D I P Balls

These are special items hidden in certain levels, collect all three for a 100,000 point bonus at the end of the game.

Scott’s Mystical Head

A one off item, hidden in one level, gives you 2,764,331 points – which was apogees 1-800 number at the time the game was made.

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