Cheat Codes

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Type DIPSTICK or \ECC to enable cheat codes.

Gameplay Codes

Cheat Code Alt. Code Effect
chojin \WWW Woundless with weapons. Invincible + All the Weapons + Infinity Ammo
toosad \GOD Gives God Mode
woof \DOG Gives Dog Mode
flyboy \MER Gives Mercury Mode
badtrip \SHR Gives Shrooms Mode
boing \ELA Gives Elasto Mode
speed \RFA Turns on autorun – this is an odd cheat.
panic \PAN Panic mode – Reset health, modes, keys and guns, as if starting again.
whack \OOF Hit yourself
86me \DIE Kill yourself

Weapon Codes

Cheat Code Alt. Code Effect
johnwoo \GW2 Gives Dual Pistols
plugem \GW3 Gives MP40
vanilla \GW4 Gives Bazooka
hottimes \GW5 Gives Heat Seeker
booze \GW6 Gives Drunk Missile
firebomb \GW7 Gives Firebomb
bones \GW8 Gives Flamewall
seeya \GW9 Gives God Mode
split \GWA Gives Split Missile
kesofdeath \GWB Gives Dark Staff
homerun \GWC Gives Excalibat
cujo \GWD Gives Dog Mode

Item Codes

Cheat Code Alt. Code Effect
shootme \BAR Gives Bulletproof armor
burnme \FAR Gives Asbestos armor
lungdung \GAR Gives Gasmask
sixtoys \GAI Gives Keys, Bulletproof armor and Health
slacker \BUM Gives Gold, Iron and Silver Keys
huntpack \OFP Gives all Keys and a Split Missile

Misc Codes

Cheat Code Alt. Code Effect
goto \GTL Level warp screen
maestro \LEE Music selection screen
goobers \GOO Restart at first level
reen \REL Re-enter Level
gogates \L8R Quits
goarch \ECL Finish Level
\FUN Pauses the game and rotates screen if you use the mouse
\EKG EKG Mode – Extra gibs, blood etc, some would say the best code
ride \CAM Missile Camera
where \HUD Displays Co-ordinates
dimon \DON Light Diminishing on
dimoff \DOF Light Diminishing off
london \FON Fog on
nodnol \FOF Fog off
shineon \SON Light sourcing on (doesn’t work on some versions)
shineoff \SOF Light sourcing off (doesn’t work on some versions)
gota386 \CON Floor and ceiling off
gota486 \COF Floor and ceiling on
record Record a demo (doesn’t work on some versions)
stop Stop a demo (doesn’t work on some versions)
play Play a demo (doesn’t work on some versions)
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