Characters (The HUNT)

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Taradino Cassat

Taradino Cassat is ‘mr. average’ he has all around average height and skills. You can only play as Taradino Cassat in the shareware version.

Taradino’s taunt: “YES!”

Thi Barrett

Thi Barret (pronounced ‘tee’) has a shorter stature than Taradino, and is slightly faster, she is quite a balanced character. Thi Barret somewhat resembles ‘Scully’ from “The X-Files”

Thi’s taunt: “Yeah!”

Doug Wendt

Doug Wendt is the ‘tank’ of the characters, the slowest but has the most hit points, also with average accuracy.

Doug’s taunt: “Alright!”

Lorelei Ni

Lorelei Ni is the fastest character, with the greatest accuracy, but has the lowest hit points. Lorelei is the shortest character.

Lorelei’s taunt: “Ha na!”

Ian Paul Freeley

Ian Paul Freeley has more hit points than Taradino but is slower than him also, he is the tallest character. Also his name is a joke(IP Freeley).

Ian’s taunt: “ha ha!”

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