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Rise of the Triad or ‘ROTT‘, is a FPS game from 1995 by Apogee Software ( now 3D Realms).


You play as one of five characters from the ‘H.U.N.T’ each with their own abilities and weaknesses, you are sent to take on ‘El Oscouro’ and his nazi-eque army/cult at his vast monastery on San Nicolas island.
The free shareware version is called ‘The HUNT begins” the paid for full version is called “The Darkwar”.

Some Features

  • A range of diverse weapons from a simple pistol to the Exaclibat.
  • Traps galore; spikes, blades and flamejets, oh my!
  • Trampolines which send you soaring to vast heights.
  • Tough enemies such as the Robot guard or Triad enforcer.
  • Over 40 Levels in the full version.

Rise of the Triad contains many features not seen in today’s FPS’, making it a very fun, albeit ‘unrealistic’ game by todays standards.

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