March 15th, 2014

Welcome to the Rise of the Triad Headquarters! 

ROTTHQ is the combined effort of Mike Miller, Lawstiker, Per-Scan and El Zee to make a sort of “Frontend” site for the game Rise of the Triad. The site was created on Dec 17, 2010 with Mike generously providing Hosting/Domain/Webspace. It wasn’t until early January 2011 that the site started to take the form you see now. At the time of the sites invention, ROTT13 was a far off dream, so it was originally designed with the intent to archive and deal with news for what is now known as ROTT95. Currently, it is being updated to include ROTT13 files and links as well.

Currently the Site is divided into these sections:

  • News: Section where the latest news in the Rise of the Triad community will be reported
  • About: Gives details about the site.
  • General ROTT Info: Just general information about Rise of the Triad, such as details about the game, characters, enemies, weapons, etc.
  • ROTTpository: The new and improved Rise of the Triad File Repository. Here you will find Solo/Multiplayer Maps, Editors, and much much more.
  • Forum: The Offical ROTTHQ forum has been shut down due to inactivity. A list of alternatives is now posted.
  • Buy ROTT!: A list of stores where you can by both versions of Rise of the Triad.

Rise of the Triad Headquarters Team

  • Mike Miller: Without Mike, there would be no ROTTHQ Team! Mike is the owner of the site and has provided the hosting for the HQ. After setting up the site he left the actual content management to the rest of us.
  • Per-Scan: He is no longer involved in the site. In the moments before the HQ’s creation he acted as community manager, coordinating and discussing future plans for the ROTT Community at large. While his work on the actual site was limited, without his prior efforts the formation of the HQ would have been impossible.
  • Lawstiker: Currently maintains the site and acts as Mike’s lacky. Created a good majority of the pages hosted on the HQ and occasionally remembers to update the site.
  • El Zee: Acted as an editor for the site. He was the one who came up with the name for the site, provided general suggestions, and wrote the General ROTT Information section. Since then he has moved on and works for Interceptor Entertainment, destined to help preserve the Legacy of Rise of the Triad in other ways.
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