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Two Updates

Got two updates for you ROTTers today:

New Video Walk-Through for Mike Millers episode “Mike’s Madness”

Awhile back Mike Miller, creator of the user episode “Mike’s Madness”, was talked into creating a video walk-through of him playing through his own levels. So far levels 1-5 have been uploaded on his site for your viewing pleasure, level 5 (Grand Plans Cut Short) having been uploaded just today. If you enjoy seeing people play through ROTT levels (though remember this is of his own created levels, not Dark War) then stop by http://mikemiller.net/rott/mikemad_walkthrough/ and give them a view.

Community Map File Begins

Today marks the beginning of a first in Rise of the Triad history, the first ever attempted (to my knowledge at least) community ROTT project. The official thread is located here: http://rott.s4.bizhat.com/viewtopic.php?t=366&mforum=rott . The Project leader was saddened by the fact that there was no evidence that something like this has ever been attempted before, and is attempting it now. Any people interested in ROTT mapping, or those that have never been involved in ROTT mapping before, are encouraged to join in on the project.

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