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Rebirth of the ROTT Editing and Modding Forum

December 14th, 2010

If you have any kind of involvement in the Rise of the Triad community, you will know that the long standing 3DR subforum for Rise of the Triad community has been the central location for all things Rise of the Triad. From new ports to user maps to game discussion. It been where the action was at for many years.

Though in 2006 a user under the name admin (though goes by many different names) created the ROTT editing and Modding Forum. This was a board with the idea of discussing and creating something that was quite rare in the Rise of the Triad world, user created content. Its not often you see a new map being created or a project being started, and this site was dedicating in trying to make that more of a common occurrence by creating a place that was dedicated to just that.

Though the site has had many problems in the past. Many did not make the journey over to it from 3DR because they preferred the long standing 3D realms official place opposed to the newly created upstart community. There was also the general assumption that splitting the community in half was a bad idea, and that everyone needed to be gathered in one area. Despite the non-enthusiastic response from the more dominant site, admin kept going and a few members joined.

Though sadly it never quite became popular, and only a few members would post every now and then, and despite admins continued and ever going optimistic view, it just never quite grew. Eventually the site fell to the side and vanished from the net. Some time later a few guys over Wolf Haven would bring up the subject that this site had gone down, and the gears would be set in motion. Over time the ROTT editing and modding forum would be reactivated and restarted again. Though this time admin would go missing.

As time went by, it seemed the site would fall into the same non active state that it had fallen into so many times before…but appearances can be deceiving. Two users by the name Per-Scan and Lawstiker would go about constantly posting, asking questions, contacting people, etc. This would result in several people joining the site and activity jumping quite a bit. Even to the point where it was far more active than it had ever been in the past. Though there would be one problem.

Admin. The man that started the whole thing would be gone and no one to contact him. This made it impossible to make any site related changes. Sadly after quite a few attempts to make contact, he could still not be found, leaving the community with one option. Getting a replacement admin to take control of the site. This is what is going on right at this moment. If there are no disagreements by this weekend the site will be under new administration and the site will be having quite a few changes in the future.

And sadly the man that made this all possible will not be here to see it.   

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